I'm Ares - I create NFTs that commemorate our dreams and aspirations!

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“…Embrace The Journey is not exclusively about competition, but learning and growing from the experience. Your success lives within how you react to the small impactful moments of your journey. Sharing those moments encourages and inspires.”

Embrace the Journey NFTs are about capturing the courageous moments where we dare greatly, fail greatly, and eventually achieve greatly. These are fleeting, personal, and unique moments that convey a world of meaning.”  

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“…It seems apparent that as we post our lives to social media that those platforms use our precious moments to profit while so many of us need to fund our ambitions…”

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Aspire Perform Achieve Gear!
Become part of the movement to support our young achievers helping them to Aspire for their dreams! Proceeds from the sales go to support: Training, Tuition, Coach’s Fees, Travel, Equipment, Seminars, and more. Building champions in life takes a (well funded) village! Building Olympic champions requires over 10,000 hours of high-level sports-specific training. Show that you care and help fund the journey!
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Chronicling the Journey - Born of Sacrifice and Dedication

Project Roadmap

My plan is to keep aspiring for my dreams, perform, and achieve. I will release NFTs of my experiences for my friends, family, and supporters to document my journey and share in the personal learning moments. I will use what I make to fund my education and help the Olympian who inspired me. I will create NFT collections for other ‘Achievers‘ to help their journey. I will support important causes that promote positivity and competition. I will launch a brand that speaks to the education inherent in the journey. Lastly, I will embrace the web 3.0 business model.

My Team

Paris Amani

I’m Dad, and I am Ares’s chief financial backer! I serve as the Program Manager, Creative Director, Personal Chauffeur, and Benefactor. I am the former coach and trainer of world and Olympic champions. I mentor Ares (and Apollo) and teach them about striving for their dreams and Olympic ideals.

Kristie Amani
Logistics Director

I’m Mom, and I know where everything is! I set up the travel, hotel rooms, registrations, and make sure tuition is paid! Basically, I organize everyone’s life: from ensuring that Ares has clean uniforms, to packing waters and snacks for every game and meet. Oh, and yes Ares, I know where your uniform is! Look in the dryer!

Ares Amani
Game Changer

I’m Ares, the oldest son and I keep my parents running! I try and set a strong example for my little brother. I’m a soccer striker, a gymnast, a violinist, a straight-A student, and now the creator of NFTs! I dream of playing soccer professionally, competing at the Olympic Games, and going to MIT. 

Apollo Amani
#1 Fan & The Boss

I’m the youngest and Ares’s little brother! I’m Ares’s #1 Fan and the boss! I have been to every event Ares has participated in from the day I was born.

I’ve got next! Ares be ready to cheer for me!