Jesus Stained Glass

In the wilderness of my mind, I’ll dive into the dark,
A journey profound, where visions embark,
Through valleys of thought and mountains of dreams,
Where angels reside and demons trespass, it seems.

As I venture forth, empowered by light,
Angels emerge, bestowing wisdom so bright,
Their gentle whispers, a guiding grace,
Filling my spirit with love’s embrace.

Yet demons infringe, with sly intent,
To attempt to deceive my worth, prevent,
Their twisted words, like shadows they, creep,
Attempting to plunge me into the murky deep.

But steadfastly, I walk on this arduous quest,
To withstand their tricks, I must be my best,
I call out to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to send,
A beacon of hope, and my bleeding soul to mend.

Through trials and struggles, I learn to endure,
For true transformation, my spirit must secure,
In accepting Jesus, my heart finds release,
His love and salvation, my soul’s inner peace.

As I walk the rocky path, the journey is long,
And in Him, I find solace; he makes me so strong,
His grace carries me through every trial of flame,
Empowering my soul through endless miles, I am not the same.

So I embrace my savior’s guiding light,
And I rebuke the demons, tempting as they might,
For in the wilderness of my mind, salvation I find,
A new self, in Jesus, my soul beautifully aligned.

I say to you, my brother, do not fear the dark,
Or the whispering demons’ influence on this world so stark.
Give your life to Jesus, your soul to take flight,
Light of truth to shine through you, to join the good fight.

For darkness cannot endure the blinding truth of the light,
Demons have no authority when faced with God’s omnipotent might.

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2 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Alice Brasfield says:

    The application of empowerment, while facing life’s unknown challenges creates a sense of urgency and need to overcome any obstacle. Sifting through the lifelong tools that are stored in our memory banks embodies the supernatural Godly strength that is required to push through the victories and defeats. Holding steadfast to principles that have been internalized over the years or rewriting any miscoded advice that one may have received in the past; yet, causes a discoverable moment to one’s moral obligation of accepting accountability, by allowing one to reshape a positive way of thinking. Affirmed aspirations that afford the soul to keep going and keep decoding the pitfalls of life, while allowing God to order your steps, will bring peace, joy, humility and readiness for the next challenge. So “go forth” to aspire, perform and achieve- become the greatest version of yourself— you are unique and remember to reach into the abyss and bring back strength and courage – while learning from your experiences

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